Imperial Cares is a way to invest back into the community.

As a young child brought up in a poverty stricken area, Robert Sherrill (owner) life was uneasy. Filled with struggle, lack, and what appeared to be a generational curse of despair for the future. Robert became involved in the street life and was eventually sentenced to the federal penitentiary.

With all odds stacked against him, he vowed to change his family’s legacy. After 7 years he was released. He took out a few small payday loans to secure money to start a business. He made a way for himself. He knew society would not give him the opportunities he needed , so he created some for himself. Fast forward to 4 years later , Mr. Sherrill now is a successful business owner. His company Imperial Cleaning Systems is a very lucrative company with unlimited growth abilities. He hires non violent rehabilitated felons giving them the opportunity at a second chance in life.

As a result Mr. Sherrill has committed himself to giving back to the community via internships, prison ministry, motivational speaking, mentorship, and charity donations.Doing so with the regard that with his story he can motivate and show hope. He recognizes that not everyone will have the determination bestowed upon him. So the plan is to tell his story of redemption to as many people in need. Allowing them to see that they are not limited to their environment. There is freedom to be had!